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Davidson County dog abuse case has authorities looking for person responsible

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Davidson County Animal Control officials are looking for the person responsible for leaving a chain on a dog so long it embedded into its skin.

Mindy Faircloth, a volunteer with the Davidson County Animal Alliance, told FOX8 it was one of the worst cases she’s ever seen.

Faircloth said the dog was dropped off to the Davidson County Animal Shelter Tuesday morning, by someone who claimed not to be his owner. She said the shelter immediately realized his condition was so bad they would not be able to handle it and reached out to the Animal Alliance for help.

“The chain had been on him so long, he had grown around it, his skin had grown around it,” Faircloth said during a phone conversation. After a visit to the vet, Faircloth said it was determined that the chain couldn’t be cut off. Figaro went through surgery Tuesday afternoon to remove it.

If you would like to donate money toward Figaro’s care, click here.