Beating the heat in the Piedmont Triad

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Many spots in the Piedmont Triad hit 90 degrees on Tuesday. Along with North Carolina humidity, it's tough to not get overheated in the summer.

FOX8 talked to kids at the Memorial Park Pool in Thomasville about how they stay cool on summer break.

The pool is a great place to cool down when temperatures top 90 degrees.

"Go to the pool, other times I like to go outside and play in the water hose," Marchello Mease said.

You may feel cool when you spend all day in the water, but experts say you need to watch out for signs of too much sun.

"I've heard that if you stay in the heat too long, you can have a heat stroke, or worse, you get sun cancer. A lot of bad stuff," Marchello said.

"I try to just keep drinking water, keep out of the sun as much as possible, obviously use sunscreen and just be smart about my health," said Spencer Stringfellow, who's working on a construction project in Thomasville.

Not everyone can spend a weekday cooling off at the pool.

"The first day I worked here I was like dragging my feet, it was really hot," Stringfellow said.

Construction crews in downtown Thomasville work for several hours a day in the sun and in buildings with no air conditioning.

"We try to drink a lot of water. Take breaks when they're needed," Stringfellow said.

For some people, North Carolina summers become bearable.

"After a little bit, you kind of get used to it," Strinfellow said.

But for others, there's no chance.

"Nope, it probably gets worse every year," Marchello said.