Local biker warning others about dangers on the road after crash

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RURAL HALL, N.C. -- A motorcycle crash in Rural Hall could have ended much worse for one man and now he wants to warn other bikers about dangers on the roads they might not even know are there.

You see them on the road every day, but your probably don't think twice about them -- dark patches on the asphalt, sealing cracks in the road.

They can cause big problems for bikers; even for experienced riders like Artie Hackbarth. He's been riding for 50 years.

"My first bike was a '65 Norton," he said.

His latest crash happened just last week.

"I think it rung my bell a little bit," Hackbarth said.

He was riding on N.C. 65 near Rural Hall when he hit a maze of asphalt patches and his motorcycle flew out from under him.

"I was taking it easy, and still with that, the bike went right out. I was doing 30 in a 45," he said.

Hackbarth walked away with some scrapes, bruises and raspberries. He calls himself lucky and he says those patches aren't the only hidden dangers for bikers on the road.

He's also wiped out from a patch of grass clippings.

"People cut the grass and cast it out into the road," he said.

Hackbarth wants to educate riders about these dangers. He's working with local dealerships, like Smokin' Harley Davidson, to get the word out.

"Basically, I guess, I'm gonna be the troublemaker," he said.

Hackbarth also wants every biker to enjoy the road like he does, but he says they need to take steps to keep themselves safe.

"There's an awful lot of bike riders out there, and I'm guilty as well when I was a young man, it was get on a bike, go fast, go crazy, do whatever, do this do that," he said. "And I just as soon enjoy the ride."