You can now pay downtown Greensboro parking meters with your phone

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- You can now pay your downtown parking meter with your phone.

"You'll no longer have to have coins to pay for the meters," said Stephen Carter, with the city.

During test trials, the city learned people wanted an app that allowed them to pay their meter, especially with the ability to feed the meter without going back to your car.

"It will notify you if your parking session is about to end," Carter said.

You still won't be allowed to go over the time limit for a parking space as they vary from an hour to four hours at some parking spots. You'll also have to pay a $0.35 fee for the convenience of using the app. The fee is how the app company gets paid and the city avoids spending tax dollars to make it all happen.

The feature is now available at downtown meters except in the parking deck.

"It was fairly straight forward," said Jonathan Reid, who downloaded the app before entering city hall Wednesday. "Good access in case you don't carry cash like most people anymore."