Coffin found on sidewalk with child’s organs inside, without body

PHILADELPHIA — Police are investigating after a coffin was found on a Philadelphia sidewalk with with a child’s organs inside, WTXF reports.

The coffin was discovered by people walking on West Clearfield Street just after 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Police said the people found a child’s coffin and the lid appeared to be pried open because the screws were freshly loosened.

Inside the coffin was a plastic bag with organs from an infant or small child — but no body and no sign of a body having been in the coffin.

Police said it appeared to be a “fresh coffin,” which was possibly taken from a funeral home or dug up from a fresh grave.

The coffin was discovered across the street from a cemetery. Police searched the cemetery, as well as another nearby cemetery, but could not find any dug up graves.

Police plan to see if any funeral homes are missing a body or a coffin.