Missing RDU employee was found in Virginia Beach parking garage

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Allison Cope (WTVD)

Cope appeared to be OK but was taken to the Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital by an officer.

Her friends told WTVD that Cope is still in the hospital, but her name was no longer listed, so her condition was being kept private.

Cope went on her scheduled break at the Terminal 2 pre-security Starbucks, but never returned.

She was expected to be back around 3 p.m. and was eventually reported missing at about 7 p.m.

Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue, which Cope helps run, posted on its Facebook page saying that she “would never just disappear.”

“She went on break at work at the RDU airport where she is a supervisor and never returned,” the post read. “Her phone was left and her purse. Her car is missing and all her friends and family have not heard from her,” the post read.

Cope’s family even rented a helicopter to find her. Photos of her at a Shell gas station in Wake Forest surfaced last week.