Greensboro neighborhood celebrates 70-year July Fourth tradition

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Hundreds of people in a Greensboro community continued a nearly 70-year long tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July in their own neighborhood.

"It's not real formal. It's not highly organized, but it's a great tradition," said Willy Hammer.

The Kirkwood Fourth of July Parade has come a long way since Hammer was a kid.

"I grew up coming to the Kirkwood Parade, for years and years," he said.

It started as four WWII veterans marching down Independence St., flags in hand.

"It's kind of naturally a patriotic neighborhood," Hammer said.

It's now a neighborhood-wide tradition.

"Politicians, kids on bikes, neighbors with fancy cars," English Black said.

The celebration includes long-time parade goers, neighborhood newcomers, and kids carrying on the tradition.

"There really aren't a whole lot of neighborhoods that have such great sense of community like Kirkwood does," Black said.

Kirkwood welcomes everyone with open arms who's willing to celebrate the spirit of the Fourth.

"To show respect to the people who have made all this possible or have sacrificed," Hammer said.

"To me it means family, sense of community, yeah, just good old-fashioned fun," English said.