Reidsville police making progress with Community Improvement Task Force

REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- The Reidsville Police Department is making progress cracking down on junked cars, overgrown grass and outstanding warrants.

Those are a few of the pieces of business its Community Improvement Task Force is designed to handle.

But that’s just on the business side.

The department also wants to focus on the personal -- building relationships with the community.

One way the task force is doing that is through community events and making stops in public gathering spaces.

Thursday, officers stopped at Courtland Park.

The department’s latest crime statistics show that is one area in the city that could use extra attention based on reports for violent crimes.

“We're hoping to see a downward trend in those calls for service in those crimes in those areas. What we're hoping not to see is that they've moved from those locations to other parts of the city, but if they have then we’ll refocus our efforts to those parts of the city as well,” community policing supervisor Lt. Chuck Evitt said.

By improving relations with families, the department hopes to build more trust with the people they serve.

“We truly are interested in their complaints, their concerns, addressing the problems and making Reidsville a safer place to live,” Evitt said.

The Community Improvement Task Force will continue working through early August – allowing SROs on the team to prepare to return to schools.