Man helps elderly stranger down escalator at mall

HOLYOKE, Mass. — A Massachusetts woman’s Facebook post about a stranger’s act of kindness towards an elderly man is going viral.

On June 15, Paula Accorsi Picard posted a picture of a young man helping an elderly stranger go down an escalator. In the post, she said the older man hesitated at the top of the escalator and a small crowd started to form around him.

That’s when a young man offered to help.

“It was clear he was feeling unsure and this young man offered the simplest kindness: an outreached arm and a ‘can I help you on, sir?’” Picard said. “He quietly started to explain to the young man that he had gotten stuck on an escalator once and was a little scared.”

The post has more than 438,000 likes and 204,000 shares on Facebook.