Community in High Point hosts festival to reconnect and inspire change

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HIGH POINT, N.C. – Just south of downtown High Point, off Main Street, is the city’s southside neighborhood. It is one of the communities where the High Point Police Department is trying to reduce violence.

“A lot of crime is going on and I'm hoping and praying that changes,” said Deborah Cable, a Southside resident.

Tony Collins, the president of the Southside Neighborhood Association, says that to do that, people need to come together.

“We are seeking to change the narrative,” Collins said.

The Neighborhood Association hosted a Reunion and Unity Festival this weekend to celebrate the community’s past and focus on its future.

“You got food, you got music, you got friendships… there's a lot of positive vibes going on here,” said Neil Jones, who came to the festival with his family.

“It's been beautiful down here today,” Cable said. “There’s been no arguments, everyone is getting along, that is what I like. You still got a lot of people out here that don't want to speak that are scared, but I think if everybody can pull together like we did today, it probably would be a little bit better.”

The Reunion and Unity Festival continues on Sunday with gospel music performances by a number of local artists and church groups.