Warning to parents: New Snapchat feature shares your child’s location

Snapchat’s newest feature may give parents another reason to worry about their children’s safety.

The feature, “Snap Map,” shows where friends and fellow app users were when they posted their most recent snaps.

“If you and a friend follow one another, you can share your locations with each other so you can see where they’re at and what’s going on around them! Plus, meeting up can be a cinch,” the Snapchat website says.

The Snapchat Parent’s Guide mentioned the new feature, saying it is completely optional.

It read, “Location sharing with friends via the Map is optional and is off by default; however, if you submit a Snap to Our Story, it may appear publicly on the Map in the exact location it was taken.”

Simply put, “Snap Map” allows users to share their location with friends but gives the option to keep it hidden.

You can learn more about Snapchat and how to use it here.