Woman discovers Martinsville rental home is full of bats

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. -- Dawn Jones has had her share of health challenges.

“In December I had just finished a series of surgeries as a cancer patient, losing my sight, having eye surgeries and being left with 2 percent [visibility] and totally dependent on the people around me to ensure that I’m safe and healthy,” Jones said.

She now has added rabies vaccinations to the list in order to protect herself from the bats inside her own attic.

“I’ve been told by the doctors since I took the vaccines that I’m guarded to some degree but I’m still in this house breathing the spores,” Jones said.

She said two weeks after she moved into the rental property on Confederate Avenue she began to hear noises.

"When it would rain and at certain times of the night, I would feel as though there were things in the wall. I could hear them and I thought they were birds," Jones said.

She also says the loss of her sight has heightened the smell as well.

In reaching out to her landlord, Jones said he has refused to pay for removal and only offered her to move into another one of his properties.

“He told me that he could remove them but the supervisor for environmental health and the rest of the exterminators explained that it is against the law for the landlord to do it. That it should be done professionally,” Jones said.

FOX8 reached out to Martinsville Assistant City Manager Wayne Knox, who said that a building inspector and the health department will soon intervene and begin direct contact with the homeowner.