Overnight storms cause damage in southern Guilford County

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Tim Huffman had an idea the early Monday morning thunderstorms rumbling across southern Guilford County were pretty bad.

"All of a sudden I heard a big sound and heard it raining and, 'Wow, that's thunder!'" he said.

But at first light, Huffman saw how bad the storms were. And it turns out the loud bang he heard that night was something else.

"A great big pine tree. Part of it had broken and fell across the house and got four holes in the roof,” he said.

The early Monday morning severe thunderstorms downed several trees near the Highway 62/Interstate 85 interchange. At Huffman's home, pine and pear trees were uprooted and fell in the yard or on top of the house.

"Got some more limbs I need to clean up and got some tree workers to come and clean up," Huffman said. "I will be busy today and ready to go to bed tonight and sleep real well.”

Despite the damage to his home and trees, Huffman is taking advice from his young grandson.

"I'm not going to 'spaz out.' Like my grandson says, 'Don’t spaz Paw Paw.' I'm not going to spaz," Huffman said. "It will take care of itself. Just don't panic.”

So Huffman is finding the positive side to his storm clean up.

"At least it's not pouring down rain to clean this up right now too,” he said.

Huffman believes the damage could have been worse. So he feels someone is watching over him and his family.

"This is just a bump between the blessings because I’ve more blessings than bumps in my life and thank God for it," he said.