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Several homes, vehicles shot with BB gun over the weekend in Forsyth County

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CLEMMONS, N.C. -- Several families are left quite literally picking up the pieces after a person, or people, shot out windows of their homes and vehicles over the weekend.

“The police actually notified me first that there were gunshots in the area,” said Kay Ingersoll, who then returned to bed only to hear shots shortly afterward. “It was like a thud, thud, thud.”

The majority of the damage is on Millbridge Road, in Clemmons, across from West Forsyth High School.

Up the street, another family had the windows of two of their vehicles shot out in connection.

“They shot the whole side window out of it,” Jack Rash said. “It’s expensive, it don’t take much.”

Across the street from Rash, a woman described hearing what she thought was an animal, but later found that the picture window leading into her living room had a grouping of several BB holes in it.

“Three windows of my car, and then, damage to my house and then down the street,” Ingersoll added. “It’s just -- it gets scarier and scarier until they find out who did it.”

Deputies believe the shots were fired shortly after midnight on Sunday.

“Somebody actually was reported pointing a rifle at my house,” Ingersoll detailed.

Deputies say another man, in Pfafftown, later reported the rear window of his vehicle was damaged. They believe all of the damage is connected.

Deputies added that they have followed up on leads, but do not have any concrete suspects.

“I hope they catch who it is, and that they understand what they’ve done and that they are punished for what they’ve done,” Ingersoll said.