Greensboro police believe accelerant used in car fire homicide

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police are looking to the public and multiple state agencies to help with a homicide investigation.

"We do need to figure out who this person is and we also need to determine who this car belongs to," Deputy Chief Brian James said.

Police pulled the metallic shell of a burned out sedan out of the woods near Falconridge Court in northeast Greensboro.

"We were able to determine that an accelerant of some form was used, in order to essentially ignite the vehicle," James said.

Police got the call early Saturday morning, after a neighbor saw a fire burning in the woods. Police found a body inside, badly burnt, and are waiting on an autopsy.

"The body of the victim was badly burned, that often makes it more difficult to determine the cause of death," James said.

Greensboro police are working with the State Bureau of Investigations along with the DMV to determine a VIN number, not finding any plates on the car.

"There's no indication based on the evidence that we have thus far that it's a suicide," James said. "We do believe it's a homicide."