Mother: Boyfriend stuck finger down baby’s throat to stop crying

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Amber Sickles and Brandon Meyer

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. — A 2-month-old baby is in serious condition after being abused by his mother’s boyfriend, WAVE3 reported.

Police said Amber Sickles, 19, and Brandon Meyer, 24, brought the baby to the hospital on June 1 because of unrelated issues. Staff examining the baby transferred the baby to a nearby children’s hospital after seeing signs of physical abuse.

The baby had a hole in his esophagus, bruises to his face, a torn frenulum, a spinal injury from blunt force trauma and an abrasion to his neck.

During extensive interviewing, Sickles told police that Meyer would stick his finger down her son’s throat to stop him from crying. She also described how Meyer would grab her infant’s chin and slam him into his bassinet. She said her boyfriend had been treating the victim this way since he was at least 5 weeks old.

Sickles and Meyer are charged with first-degree criminal abuse. Meyer is also charged with one count of second-degree assault (child 12 or under).

The infant is still under care at a hospital.