Davie County Schools won’t let student wear white Navy uniform to graduation

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MOCKSVILLE, N.C. -- A Davie County woman is upset that her son cannot wear his white Navy uniform to his high school graduation this Saturday. Her request to wear the outfit was declined because the school has a policy that requires boys to wear dark colored pants underneath their gowns.

Dianna Ijames says her son Richard Cline finished high school early this winter and then went on to finish boot camp, that’s where he earned his Navy uniform. She thinks he should be able to wear the uniform underneath his cap and gown, even though his pants are white.

Davie County Schools released a statement saying graduation marks the uniform accomplishment of all students. It said Cline could wear a blue colored Navy uniform.

Ijames, however, says that color uniform is to be worn during the winter. She also said if the school wanted to be uniform, then why do they call out student’s other accomplishments, like valedictorian.

“Even if my son can't wear his white dress uniform to graduation, I hope the policy is changed in the future because this is a crying shame that when someone has gone that far, above and beyond what he is supposed to do to serve our county, I think everyone who would do that should be honored,” said Ijames

Davie County Schools did say its decision to decline the request was not knee-jerk. It got opinions from retired military members, ROTC leaders and recruiting officers before making the final call.