Mom accused of duct taping 11-year-old son to chair and going to pool

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BOARDMAN, Ohio -- An Ohio woman is accused of duct taping her 11-year-old son to a chair before going to the pool.

Susan Malysa, 32, was arrested Monday on child endangerment charges at a local YMCA after a relative went to the home to check on the child and found him taped to a chair in the basement, WKBN reports.  The boy’s legs were taped to the chair and his hands and wrists were taped together. He also had a piece of duct tape across his mouth.

When police found him, the 11-year-old was cold and shaking and had marks on his skin from the tape.

“The relatives had not cut the duct tape away. They were concerned he was duct taped rather tightly, so they were concerned about doing that in a safe manner,” Boardman Police Sgt. Charles Hillman told the station. “Our response was quick. A couple officers were there within minutes. They were able to cut the duct tape off and free him.”

The children are being cared for by relatives.

She was jailed on a $10,000 bond.