Former hosiery mill facility to become Asheboro’s first community center

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- It`s much more than meets the eye when you see the Acme-McCrary Fitness Center in Asheboro.

“It`s just an incredible facility,” Mayor David Smith said.

Smith says he grew up going there.

Built in 1948 for $500,000, the facility for years was a place for Acme-McCrary employees and their families.

It was even the home of an industrial league basketball team.

“Your big four universities played ball here.  The McCrary Eagles were quite the competition...and Wake Forest (University) and Carolina (Chapel Hill) from what I understand in the 40s and 50s most of those came in here to play the McCrary Eagles,” Smith said.

The building has everything from an indoor pool to workout facilities, basketball courts and a cafeteria.

All of it will get some much need renovations after the company gifted the fitness center to the city after being sold.

“Right now Asheboro doesn`t have a recreation center.  We utilize the school system.  We borrow their facilities, which they have been very kind to us but to have our own actual facility is very exciting,” explained Jonathan Sermon, Recreation Services Superintendent.

“There were a lot of people in town that didn`t even know it was here,” Smith added.

Now it will become the city`s first-ever community center.  The city won`t change the building much, other than adding meeting space.

“I think a lot of the people that have been in it years ago will come back and say, 'Yeah I remember that place' and then we`ll have the new people that`ll say, 'This is great for Asheboro,' ” Sermon said.

City leaders are looking to set aside $500,000 to start on the roof.  They still don`t have an exact cost of the entire renovation.

The hope to open it to the public by the start of next year.