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Dog flu outbreak reported in NC

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The deadly dog flu is back. The H3N2 canine flu first popped up in Chicago last year. An outbreak was reported this year in Florida and now it's moved into Georgia with cases reported in South Carolina and North Carolina.

"It's diffidently a more serious strain than what we've seen," said Dr. Courtney Pierce, with the Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt. "This strain in particular is a little more deadly."

No reports of death in our area but veterinarians says this virus, which has similar symptoms to human flu, can be prevented with a vaccine that cost $40-45. The vaccine is especially encouraged for those traveling or boarding their pets this summer.

The virus is very stable, meaning it doesn't have to be spread from dog to dog, in fact a human can unknowingly carry and spread the virus. A dog can also pick up the virus in an area where an infected dog has visited.