6 dogs die after being left in hot car in South Carolina

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — Six dogs died last week after a 48-year-old woman left them in a hot car in South Carolina.

On June 3, the woman took the dogs to a local clinic but left them inside her vehicle because there were aggressive dogs in the lobby, according to WCIV.  While in the vehicle, the woman reportedly left her car running with the air conditioner on.

Around 45 minutes later, she returned to the car and it was off, and the dogs were in distress. The woman said she doesn’t know why the car stopped running.

The women then went back inside and asked for help but the dogs eventually died due to issues caused by being left in the vehicle.

The temperature outside was 84 degrees, but the Charleston Animal Society says they can reach up to 40 degrees higher once inside a vehicle that is turned off.

She was charged for confining a canine in a motor vehicle.