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Woman accused of trying to find hitman to take out another hitman

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Linda Tracy Gillman, 69.

LOGAN, Utah — A Utah woman already facing charges for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband now faces additional charges for trying to find another hitman to take out the first hitman.

Linda Tracy Gillman, 69, was charged in January with two counts of first-degree criminal solicitation.

Gillman allegedly asked an employee — a man who also rents a condominium from her — “if he could arrange to have her ex-husband … killed.” She gave the man $5,000 and promised him $100,000 more once she collected her ex-husband’s life insurance.

Gillman was married to Duane H. Gillman, a veteran bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City.

The plan was for the man to hire a third person, a “subcontractor,” to carry out the killing and make it look like Duane Gillman died from a drug overdose, according to charging documents. Instead, the man went to police.

Now, according to charging documents filed last month, while Linda Gillman was in jail pending her court proceedings, she asked another inmate to “green light” the man she had hired. Green light means “to have someone killed.”

Gillman was charged with attempted obstruction of justice.

In February, Gillman approached another inmate whom she thought was affiliated with a white supremacist gang and told her about the life insurance policy on her ex-husband.

“Gillman referred to herself as ‘the bank,’ and said that she ‘could make everything happen,” documents say.

Gillman said that if “somehow (the man) ended up dead or disappearing, then I would walk out of here a free woman.” She also stated that if the man disappeared, “it would make all her dreams come true.”

The other inmate said she stopped talking to Gillman when she realized what the woman was asking.

Gillman was scheduled to be in court Monday but refused to be taken from jail.