Video shows brawl at McDonald’s over McChicken sandwich

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Bystander video captured an all-out brawl between a customer and an employee at an Iowa-area McDonald's over the weekend.

Amanda Gravely was sitting in the drive-thru getting ice cream for her kids around 9 p.m. Saturday when the fight broke out. The brawl happened because the customer wasn’t getting her McChicken sandwiches fast enough, KCCI reports.

“I took out my camera and recorded her just to see how far it would go just in case and it just escalated really quickly,” Gravely said.

The woman, who is with two men, comes to the counter and yells that she wants her food or her money back.

“Give me my (expletive). Scared, aren’t you?” she's heard saying.

Video shows the employee hand the woman her food. The woman then throws the sandwich at her and the employee pulls the woman over the counter -- thus beginning the brawl.

In the end, Gravely contends it's not worth getting upset over spilled milk -- or rather McChicken sandwiches in this case.

“Life’s too short to get that mad over a chicken sandwich,” Gravely concluded.

McDonald's released a statement on the incident:

“The safety and security of our customers is a top priority and we are partnering with law enforcement because it is still an open investigation."

Witnesses say the customers appeared to be intoxicated. Police are still working to identify the customer in the video.