Man dives through window of moving car to save driver having a seizure

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DIXON, Ill. -- An Illinois man is being hailed a hero after he saved a driver who was having a seizure while behind the wheel.

Randy Tompkins, 39, and his wife were driving when they noticed a car, which was in the wrong lane, coming towards his truck, WLS reports.

Dashcam video shows Tompkins getting out of his truck and jumping through an open window of the moving car. Once inside the vehicle, Tompkins noticed the driver was having a seizure and put his fingers in the man's mouth to be sure he hadn't swallowed his tongue, according to the Northwest Herald.

"I was praying that he wasn't going to hit the gas, you know, cause obviously I had to jump through his window. I just did it so fast that I didn't even think about it, I just did it," Tomkins said.

The Good Samaritan said he immediately knew what to do when he noticed the man was having a seizure.