5th-grade students in Forsyth County take ballroom dancing classes

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Twice a week for 10 weeks, fifth-grade students in some Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools take ballroom dancing classes.

"When we walk into a class the first day, you hear, 'I'm not touching a girl' or I'm not touching a boy,'" said Ann Guill of Dancing Classrooms. "We don't ask them to touch each other early on, and so by the time they do, it's kinda like, 'what took you so long.'"

Now, the students have become comfortable with the dances and respectful of each other.

But the program is more than just dancing.

"It builds their confidence, their self-respect, their teamwork and their teachers tell us and their principals tell us that it changes them," Guill says. "They become more academically successful and they become better leaders in the school."

At the end of the year, students from the schools get together for a competition.

And while one team comes away with the winning trophy, in reality, every child comes out a winner.