No one seriously hurt after car plows through flea market in Mount Airy

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MOUNT AIRY, N.C. -- A sunny afternoon of shopping changed in a matter of seconds for Tina Jones and folks at the Mayberry Flea Market in Mount Airy.

"I remember his tires hitting the pavement and squealing, and the next thing I know I'm pretty well on the ground covered by somebody," Jones said.

That somebody was Jim Hicks. He was looking to buy merchandise from Jones at her table near the parking lot along Andy Griffith Parkway.

Thomas Collins was just leaving the flea market, when he said his gas pedal got jammed. He described it as a blur.

"It happened too fast for me to be scared," Collins said.

"The instinct was I just grabbed her and pushed her out of the way," Hicks said as he saw Collins' car heading their way.

Witnesses say the car ran through a couple tables and hit a woman before hitting a road sign and heading across the highway, landing in the median.

Police say that woman was taken to the hospital, but she confirmed it was only for scratches and bruises.

Collins escaped with just a few cuts and bruises as well.

"Lucky there was nobody coming down the road," he said.

"I think if he hadn't I would've still been in that spot and I wouldn't be here," Jones said, calling Hicks her "guardian angel."

When Hicks was asked if he was a hero, he said simply "I was just doing what was necessary."