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49-year-old NC woman gives birth to fraternal twins

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 49-year-old North Carolina woman gave birth to healthy fraternal twins.

Patricia Snow and her husband, Ramon Lopez, met and married later in life, WCNC reports. The two quickly got pregnant and had their first child, Ruby.

After having Ruby, they decided to have kids again. That’s where the issues began.

Snow says she suffered two miscarriages and did artificial insemination and IVF.

“Every step of it takes time and then before you know it, its 5 years later,” Snow told the station.

Several years later, she was able to get pregnant again — this time at age 49.

“There was this fear that something could be wrong. Also, my family was worried about me health-wise carrying the babies,” she said.

Snow, now 50, says it’s a miracle the 16-month-old fraternal twins, named Luna and Lucas, came out to be so healthy.

“It’s a miracle – I look at them every day and think how did we get this lucky that they’re this healthy. There’s so any things that could go wrong and thank God they’re good.”