North Carolina pastor’s truck damaged after ‘mysterious object’ falls from the sky

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What is this object that hit a North Carolina pastor's truck? (WSOC)

MONROE, N.C. – A “mystery object” fell from the sky and hit a North Carolina pastor’s truck while it was parked in his church’s parking lot.

WSOC reported that Christopher Griffin said he was inside his church in Monroe and heard the bang when it happened.

He said the angle the object came through his windshield, along with the impact to the glass, suggested something more mysterious than someone simply throwing it at his vehicle.

“We just really think it fell from the sky, which I know sounds crazy,” his wife Ashea Griffin said.

Griffin shared photos of both the object and the damage on Facebook, receiving more than 100 comments identifying the mystery metal.

An astronomer at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences said it’s probably not an object from space. The Federal Aviation Administration is also investigating.