‘It was really gross’: Woman finds python while doing laundry

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COCOA, Fla. — This is what nightmares are made of.

A Florida woman doing laundry received quite the scare when she found a python wrapped in her pet rat’s blanket.

“I was rinsing out the rat blankets and a blanket fell down, and he was there all wrapped around the blanket,” Juanita Tedesco told WOFL, “and he tried to eat it [the blanket], and it was really gross.”

Juanita Tedesco called Brevard County Animal Control officials after spotting the snake. Tedesco believes the reptile could smell her pet rat Princess on the blanket.

It was Florida’s third python sighting in a week. On Tuesday, a man in Orlando found a python curled on the floor of his kitchen pantry. Several days earlier, a man found an 8-foot python in his garage.

Police believe the snake is someone’s pet that may have simply┬áslithered away.