Abandoned Greensboro mill to be redeveloped into apartments, retail

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A more than 100-year-old abandoned mill in Greensboro could be home to hundreds of apartments and some shops and restaurants in about two years.

Construction on the Proximity Printworks Mill, which is north of downtown Greensboro and near the Revolution Mill, is expect to start toward the end of this year.

Alexander Company, out of Wisconsin, purchased the mill for $1.25 million earlier this week. They plan to invest almost $60 million into turning this place into a complex with more than 200 apartments with amenities like an outdoor pool and fitness center. There will also be space for retail.

“We said District 2 is going to be a destination district,” Councilman Jamal Fox said. “In that district there is going to be the Mill District. It’s going to be the place where you can sit there and look on the map and say I’m going to the mill area.”

About four years ago, a different company redeveloped Revolution Mill, which is about a block away from the Proximity Printworks project.

Urban Grinders just opened their second coffee shop location at Revolution Mill. Owner Jeff Beck is happy to hear the area is growing.

”It's almost like a little community they are forming down there,” Beck said. “Revolution Mill and if there's another mill it seems to be a really cool community that is going to be forming.”

The Proximity Printworks project is expected to be complete in mid-2019. Once complete, more than half of the apartments here will be affordable, a one bedroom costing around $640.