JDRF says progress being made to give type 1 diabetes patients more options

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Turning “type 1 into type none” – that’s the mission of JDRF.

With advancements in technology, more progress is being made to make that a reality.

Jesse Bushman, JDRF’s senior director of health policy, says one priority is making sure people can freely choose from a range of devices best suited for their needs, including body censors and pumps.

“There are a variety of manufacturers out there and we want to make sure that patients have a choice of them, that the insurance coverage that they have doesn’t limit them to one particular device,” Bushman said.

JDRF’s research funding has helped support the development of the "artificial pancreas."

Local walks are a critical part of the fundraising efforts.

Bushman says there are new ideas in the pipeline.

“There are other things on the horizon like implantable cells that are put into the body in such a way that they can avoid or mitigate the autoimmune response and these cells can continue to make insulin,” he said.

Bushman was in Piedmont Thursday from Washington, DC to speak to the Piedmont Triad Chapter of JDRF at its annual meeting.