Greensboro tractor-trailer crash linked to fatigue

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A tractor-trailer veered off U.S. 29 in Greensboro Monday morning, crashing head first into a home. No one was inside, according to police.

"It was a miracle no one was injured significantly," said Lt. Chad Williams, with the Greensboro Police Department.

Police say the driver, 44-year-old Gene Drake, of Kill Devil Hills, was either asleep or drowsy.

It’s a problem Michael Rangel hears about all the time.

"Fatigue is the number one killer in our industry," said Rangel, a driving instructor at Cross Country Truck Driving School in Thomasville.

Rangel says a big part of the school's six-week program is safety.

"We try to stress the safety as well as getting proper rest,” the instructor said.

Under federal law, truck drivers are only allowed 11 hours of driving before taking a mandatory 10 hours of rest.

But Rangel says many drivers overdo it.

"Just pushing themselves beyond what they should, they should just stop," he said.

Rangel makes sure all his students get rest before they get behind the wheel.

"We make sure they have 10 hours off before they come back in," he said.

It’s an emphasis on safety he says that's not only good for the driver but others on the road.

“If you're tired, you need to stop,” Rangel said. “No load is worth someone else's life or yours."

Drake is being charged with failure to maintain a lane.