Paramedic ties teen’s tie for prom in viral Facebook photo

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DUNMORE, Penn. — They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one seems to be.

WNEP reported that 17-year old Dunmore junior Lavar Allen was recently getting ready for his prom, but he couldn’t figure out how to tie his tie.

“I asked my mom if she could help me with my tie and she didn’t know how, my step-dad was busy so I went walking around to ask one of my neighbors,” he said.

There weren’t any neighbors who could help, so Allen went to the nearby Dunmore police station before he stopped at a Pennsylvania Ambulance and a paramedic stepped up to help.

“I had to tie it on myself first, because I couldn’t really do it on him,” said Jared Bryer, the paramedic.

Jared Bryer’s ambulance partner, Mary, snapped this now pic and posted it to social media, where it spread like wildfire.