Couple to tie the knot after losing nearly 600 pounds together

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Ronnie Brower (Facebook)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A New York couple who met at the gym will tie the knot this weekend — nearly 600 pounds lighter.

Andrea Masella,24, and Ronnie Brower,32, met at Mission Fitness in 2015, according to Masella had been following Brower’s weight loss progress when the two went on their first date — which, as expected, was also at the gym.

At the start of their weight loss journeys, Ronnie weighed 675 pounds and Andrea weighed 250 pounds.

In 2013, Ronnie decided to get healthy after a doctor warned him he could die if he didn’t lose weight. He gave up alcohol, drugs and overeating. He substituted those with working out three hours a day and changing his diet.

For Andrea, the decision came in 2014 when she went on a beach trip and noticed her bathing suit didn’t fit well.

After years of hard work, Brower dropped 458 pounds and Masella lost 120 pounds — totaling 578 pounds between the couple.

Andrea and Ronnie have supported each other over the past two years in their efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and on Saturday, the two will get married.