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Cleanup continues in Eden after second severe storm hits

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EDEN, N.C. -- It’s only been a week and the cleanup from last week’s storm here in Eden continues.

“We’ve been averaging about five hours of sleep a night. We’ve been going out 6, 7 in the morning. Just going at it until dark,” said Joel Campbell, with D&S Landscaping and Tree Service.

Campbell and his crew haven’t gotten a lot of sleep since Sunday.

With their wheels still spinning from damage last week, they’re dealing with damage from Thursday’s storm.

“It seems like everything is happening right in front of my house. It keeps up, I might have to move,” laughed Tony Anderson.

This is the second time Anderson has seen a storm blow through his neighborhood on Meadow Road.

This time a tree fell on his neighbor’s car.

“Well it was a man over there cutting the grass. He saw it lightening really bad, he jumped off the mower and ran into the house. Luckily he didn’t get inside that vehicle or he probably would’ve gotten hurt,” he said.

The storm managed to blow away the roof from Anderson’s shed and take down a few of his neighbor’s tree limbs.

However, it did miss one thing.

"It didn’t damage my house any. I was lucky,” he said.