Whoa, baby! Woman gives birth to nearly 14-pound newborn

MERCED, Calif. -- Baby Raymond Reyes is finally home, but it might be a stretch to call him a “little” bundle of joy.

Reyes was born April 30 at Mercy Medical Center in California and came into the world weighing 13.5 pounds, KFSN reports.

“Oh my gosh he looks like a toddler, he was so big,” said his mother Jenna Reyes.

Reyes thought she was going to have a 10- to 11-pound baby and decided to have Raymond via C-section.

"I worked in labor delivery for about 7 years, and it's the largest baby I've ever seen," said Family Birth Center Nurse Jessica Newton. "So, 13 pounds is a big baby."

After remaining in the hospital for a few days for jaundice, low calcium, and sodium levels, the child is now healthy and home with his family.