Man allegedly helped teen kill herself, filmed it because he ‘had an interest in watching someone die’

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PAYSON, Utah -- An 18-year-old in Utah was arrested after police say he helped a 16-year-old girl kill herself and filmed the incident because he "had an interest in watching someone die."

A turkey hunter found the girl hanging from a tree Saturday morning, according to KSL. Close to the body were two plastic grocery bags, a can of industrial strength air duster, a note identifying the girl and a cell phone with video of the suicide.

Included in one of the plastic bags was a receipt with Tyerell Przybycien's name and credit card information.

"You can clearly see the victim (in the video) with a noose around her neck while standing on a rock," the investigating officer said. "Przybycien is heard asking the juvenile to say something. The female victim then inhales a large dose of the industrial strength air duster and loses consciousness."

The video lasts around 10 minutes and police say he never offered the girl help.

At some point Saturday, Przybycien returned to the scene and confessed to helping pay for the materials as well as filming the death.

"He disclosed to the investigators that he kind of had a fascination with death and had an interest in watching someone die,” said Utah County Police Sgt. Spencer Cannon told the station.

He is in jail on charges of murder and reckless endangerment.