Cleanup continues after Friday’s tornado in Eden, homes still damaged

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EDEN, N.C. -- Homeowners, volunteers and work crews came together to clean up Saturday after a tornado damaged parts of Eden early Friday morning.

Many trees were ripped from the ground, some landing on top of people’s homes, in one of the hardest hit areas near Meadow Road.

Michael Brame says a tree fell on his childhood home on Von Ruck Road.

“My dad was proud of this house and planted all these trees when I was five years old, maybe six and now it's just like a war zone,” said Brame.

Although there is plenty of cleanup to be done, progress was being made Saturday.

Three generations of family members came together to clean a house on Ray Street.

“Family member in trouble and neighborhood needing help, when disaster happens you have to respond quickly,” said Joseph Duke, the homeowner’s uncle.

Volunteers from North Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief were also out cutting trees, putting tarps on houses and removing debris.

“It’s a way that we can serve,” said Wayne Hammock, a volunteer with the group. “Christ loved us first, it’s what it’s about.”

D&S Tree Service was out evaluating some of the damage.

“In the last two days we've been driving through, there had been over 100 people that have had trees down on their houses, their buildings, their cars,” said Brady Hubler, a groundsman with D&S.

Hubler says one yard with multiple trees down could take the company more than a day to clear. Volunteers and families cleaning on Saturday agree the process will take some time.

“We will probably be here three weeks, is what they're telling us now,” Hammock said.

Eden police said power was restored to the community Saturday morning. Some people with broken meters or smaller power lines connected to their homes will need to get them fixed or replaced before they can get all their services back– power, cable, and phone.