NC woman records terrifying close encounter with snake on car

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GASTON COUNTY, N.C. —  A North Carolina woman recorded video of a black snake clinging to the side mirror of the car she was riding in, WSOC reports.

Kecha Rendleman Robinson‎ was sitting in the passenger seat last week when her husband told her to look at the snake that had slithered around on the mirror.

“There is a snake and I’m terrified of snakes. I’m literally frozen,” Robinson described the first encounter.

She managed to record the snake slide up along the passenger window. The car came to a stop and the snake moved off the window, along the side of the car and down the onto the ground.

Robinson’s husband, who was driving, said the snake was probably sitting near the windshield wipers until the car started moving.

“If I was driving, the story would have ended differently. I know I would have wrecked,” Robinson said.

Robinson said her neighbor recently killed three copperhead snakes in his yard.