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Tethering ordinance will now be enforced in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Animal Control officers in High Point can now issue citations for tethering. The city is the latest to ban tethering a pet unless the owner is with the animal.

"We've had dogs tied without shelter, they get wrapped around the tree where they can't reach water and during hot temperatures they can be in danger," said Holly Lackey, with the City of High Point. "Anytime you have a dog -- either on a rope, cable, chain or tied -- the owner has to be outside and the dog has to be within visual area of them."

High Point joins a long list of other cities banning the practice of tethering.

"Stats show that if you keep the dogs tethered it increases aggressiveness in certain breeds," Lackey said. "It also keeps them unprotected from other animals."

The first offense comes with a warning, the second a citation and a $100 fine that goes up to $500 with multiple visits.

Animal Control won't seize your dog unless they see the animal is in distress or being neglected.

"We've witnessed dogs that get embedded collars, people not paying attention at how tight the collar gets or people who don't have collars around the dog and sometimes the weight of the chain can bear down into the neck."

For outside dogs, they can be in a backyard fence, kennel or invisible fence. An invisible fence must be posted.

Those who can not afford a fence can contact Animal Control with a list of groups and nonprofits that can help.