Greensboro police urge people to register their bicycles

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police are urging cyclists to register their bicycles to help recover stolen bikes.

City council is declaring May as Bike Month for the city, with a list of events like Bike to Work, but safety is also priority.

On average, the Greensboro Police Department estimates 15 to 20 bikes are reported stolen each month.

“Our goal is to recover them quicker and also to send out the message that if you steal a bike there’s a good possibility that its going to be registered and you’re going to be charged with it,” Officer TJ Tepedino said. "It’s hard for us to find them if you don’t have the registration number. Unfortunately, with bicycles, a lot of people will just buy them and just ride them and not think of the registration part of it."

While bike locks are a protective measure, registering the bike with the department helps police to track them down.

Currently there are only 374 bikes registered with police.

Last year there were 143 bikes reported stolen to the department.

For information on registering your bike with Greensboro police, click here.