Splash pads at LeBauer Park closed after reports of injuries

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Cuts, scrapes and bruises -- one mom says her son needed stitches after playing in the splash pad area of LeBauer Park.

Now the fountains are shut off, and parents want to see the pads made safer.

On Saturday, one mom posted a picture to LeBauer Park's Facebook page. She said her 2-year-old son needed stitches after he badly cut his foot on the fountains' grates.

"Turns out the metal water grates of the splash pad are cutting the feet of the children playing there," she wrote on Facebook. "My son ended up having to have stitches due to the severity of his cut. Parents, please be cautious and have your children wear water shoes!"

Other families say their kids have been hurt too.

"My 4-year-old had a cut on her foot," said Sarah Forman. She's a nanny who brings the kids she looks after to the park.

"One got a cut on her knee, so I guess she fell and another on the foot," said Katelyn Payne, another nanny.

Forman and Payne want to see the grates made safer and kid-proof, like the rest of the park.

"I would have hoped that they would have checked for sharp things in a place with kids. You would think that sharp objects, sharp corners would be eliminated before you open it up, but mistakes are made," Forman said.

Greensboro Downtown Parks operates LeBauer Park. Signs around the splash pads say they're just closed temporarily.

Rob Overman, executive director of GDPI, says the group is working with the contractors who helped to build the splash pads to figure out how to make the area safer. He said right now they don't know when the area will reopen.

"Better safe than sorry. We learned our lesson. We'll wear water shoes, even after it's fixed," Foreman said.

Foreman and Katelyn say they're glad GDPI is stepping in.

"Obviously, fix the grates," Payne said. "Just keep it clean and safe, and that's really all we ask."

The pair said accountability falls on the parents and caretakers too.

"Well accidents are going to happen, that's just what happens with kids, especially when there's a lot of kids in the area. Just try to watch them more carefully," Payne said.

Once the splash pads are back open, these families will definitely be back.

"They can have fun and cool off, and we can still enjoy LeBauer Park," Payne said.

GDPI said on Facebook they already have some safety measures in place. The water has chlorine, and the group says someone monitors the levels every day. There's also a red emergency button to shut off the fountains. Anyone can press it if a child gets hurt to alert other parents to what's going on.