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Woman finds large ball of snakes along NC greenway

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A woman walking along a North Carolina greenway Monday morning found what appears to be a snake mating ball, WNCN reports.

Christine Proffitt runs on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway in Charlotte almost every day. Typically, she sees a couple snakes — but never anything like this.

“Everyday I see four or five snakes every time, but I’ve never seen 10 to 20 all balled up like that,” Proffitt said.  “No one’s going to believe if I didn’t take a picture. So, pics or it didn’t happen.”

Runner Bryan Neil also spotted a snake on the greenway Monday morning.

“Right under the tunnel [was] a black snake, probably about three or four feet long, that scared the crap out of me,” Neil told WBTV.

With temperatures warming up, snake sightings have been on the rise in North Carolina.