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Asheboro mom creates unity rally in response to KKK

ASHEBORO, N.C. -- Aimee Pippin has called Asheboro home for more than 20 years and was shocked to hear of a planned Loyal White Knights event in her community.

Instead of ignoring the problem, Pippin wants to make a statement of peace.

"We hope to really not to focus on the message or what the Klan is doing but kind to overshadow it with the message of peace and love in our community," Pippin said. "I would just really like to see our community and other people come together and really just show that we find joy in our diversity, we love that we're from different walks of life, religions, different races and that we want to celebrate that."

Pippin is working with about five faith groups and organizations to hold the unity rally downtown on the same day as the planned event in May.

Though the details are still in the works, Asheboro city leaders have granted her a permit and a Facebook page about the event is gaining support.