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Retail sales up for Randolph County businesses

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- For boutique owner Brandi Crumley, business at her store Ennobra Bloom in Asheboro is good.

She expanded last year, moving her store into a 2,400 square foot space which is double the size of her first store.

“Expand our brand expand, what we provide for our customers,” Crumley said.

John Revell, chairman of the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce, says Crumley’s business is one of many adding to the county’s surge in retail sales.

“You’ve got expansion of businesses,” he said. “You’ve got more restaurants.”

Residents and visitors spent more than a billion dollars in retail sales last year, up 9.25 percent from 2015.

Revell says a big part of that growth is the county’s “Right Here” shop local campaign.

“Living right here, working right here, eating right here, shopping right here,” Revell said. “Whatever you’re doing, you’re right here in Randolph County.”

The county also started collecting sales tax on North Carolina Zoo admissions.

“The zoo is doing extremely well,” he said.

More than half of Randolph County’s workforce is employed by small, local businesses.

Crumley says the shop local attitude benefits everyone.

“People realize shopping local actually counts,” Crumley said. “You’re money stays here in the community.”