AT&T to offer unlimited data plan once again

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AT&T announced Thursday it will once again offer unlimited data.

Customers of the nation’s second-largest carrier would no longer be required to have AT&T’s DIRECTV or U-Verse television service to get unlimited data, according to USA Today.

For $100, customers can purchase a single line. Additional lines will run for $40 each or $180 for four lines

The new unlimited data offer, which is available starting Friday, will include HD video, but will not allow users to use their phones as a mobile hotspot.

The move comes days after Verizon Wireless announced its own unlimited data plan on Monday.

For $80, customers can get unlimited data, talk and text. There is also an option of $45 per line for four lines.

The company says the new plan will give users unlimited data use on smartphones and tablets, in addition to video streaming, 10 GB of hotspot usage and calls to both Mexico and Canada with Verizon Unlimited.

Learn more about Verizon’s Unlimited plan here.