Piedmont Triad cities tackling litter problems

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Bingham Park is a little-known neighborhood park in Greensboro. But Greensboro Beautiful volunteers like Daniel Smith are very familiar with the area.

"We get to see a lot of plastic bags, bottles, cups, and trash from fast food,” Smith said.

And you can really see all of the litter because the trees and plants are still dormant. So while everything is clearly visible, volunteers will go to selected areas and pick up the trash. Smith says the cleanup that will take place in small neighborhood parks will have a big impact on the community.

"It’s important to protect wildlife and fish. Whoever is going to pull the water out is going to have to clean the litter out,” Smith said.

This is the second year for Greensboro's litter "Winter Wipeout." And when you combine this campaign with others that are held throughout the year, the cleanup is making a difference.

"What we have seen in recent years is that the amount of litter we are seeing in the winter is going down. Greensboro is doing a better job keeping itself green,” Smith said.

What's going on in Greensboro is catching High Point's attention.

"It just sparked an interest," said High Point Environmental Programs Coordinator Rebecca Coplin. "We asked, 'Can we use your model?' and they said, 'Sure.'”

So just like the Greensboro plan, High Point is asking volunteers to go the the website, select a location and sign up to help. Coplin feels High Point's first litter "Winter Wipeout" is a positive step for the city.

"There's a lot of good stuff happening in High Point. We want to be a part of that and provide support to people. We are here for the citizens of High Point,” Coplin said.

To sign up with Greensboro Beautiful, click here.

For High Point's Winter Wipeout, click here.