Greensboro student-athlete uses hard work, talent to encourage others

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Mackenzie Brown and her international baccalaureate group are producing a play for their peers -- and it's all about making good choices.

"We're going to kinda make it evident to the audience that if you start getting involved in these things to back down because they can, unfortunately, turn out to be the wrong things," the Page High School student says.

One of her passions is golf.

"All four years at Page we've gone to regionals and states, so we get to meet people from all across the region and state," she said.

An honor student, Brown also volunteers with younger softball players.

Once a week, she is allowed to arrive 15 minutes late to school so she can volunteer at an elementary school.

"I just take that time and I volunteer at a local elementary school," Brown says. "Getting one-on-one with the kids, it makes my day."

The aspiring speech pathologist wants her classmates to be class acts, as well.

"I always kind of encourage other students to do the same thing," she said. "To work hard to get what they want and being at the top and being able to be an example for others means a lot to me."

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