Greensboro police canvass neighborhood looking for answers in woman’s death

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Greensboro police are asking for any information about the death of Renata Marshall, who officers believe was fatally shot on Sunday.

Marshall was found dead inside her apartment on Swing Road the next day.

Detectives on the case say they do have some leads but they're looking for more information. That’s why more than 30 officers were going door-to-door in the River Birch housing community this afternoon.

Greensboro police say that even if someone does not speak up today, their presence could influence someone to reach out later. The police also say that being there makes people feel safe.

"A big element of neighborhood policing is for me to come to your door and ask you 'What do you want from your police department? What can we do better to serve you?'" said Lt. Dan Knott with the Greensboro Police Department. "If they don't feel safe then we have to give them that.”

A local organization called FASK, Families Against Senseless Killing, joined the police department during their canvass.

Dr. Irish Spencer is one of the founders of that organization. She says her son was killed last year.

“Close your eyes and imagine if it was you," Spencer said. "Even if you don't have children, imagine if it was you… to you have that person knock on your door and ask you 'Can I see a picture of your son?'"

The group is focused on cleaning up some of the violence in high risk neighborhoods.

“Instead of being upset and going out and doing something crazy, we funneled our energy and joined forces with those around us," Spencer said.

Spencer is now working to help another family find peace and keep others from experiencing her pain.

“Nobody wants to know that feeling ever," Spencer said.