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Man finds golden Bud Light can, wins Super Bowl tickets for life

WICHITA, Kan. — Thanks to a lucky beer run, one Kansas man will have front-row seats for life to the greatest show on Earth — the Super Bowl.

During Christmas, Lyle Randa had company over at his house when he realized he was low on beer and went out for a quick beer run, the Wichita Eagle reports. While stocking the 30-pack in his fridge, he noticed one can was gold.

Knowing about Bud Light’s “Super Bowl Tickets for Life” promotion, he and his wife uploaded a photo to Bud Light’s website and hoped for the best.

Throughout the month-long promotion, all 18-, 24-, and 30-packs of 12 oz. Bud Light cans featured Super Bowl-themed packaging.

Of the 37,000 possible grand prize entries, Randa won.

About a week ago, he received a call that confirmed him the winner of two tickets.

“We thought it was a scam at first and I said, ‘This not a scam,'” Wife Amy Randa told ABC News. “He is a very kindhearted, loving person. He loves to have fun, he loves the NFL and he definitely deserves this.”

Lyle is a Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings fan but says he will be pulling for Tom Brady and the Patriots.